MINGS has more than 40 years experience in the hardwood furniture business – specifically, Rosewood. In that time, MING’S has come to be regarded as one of Southeast Asia’s leading hardwood furniture manufacturers. In 1986, Ming’s expanded and opened its Bangkok showroom on Sukhumvit Road.

With our two factories in Thailand and China using different kind of genuine wood for example rosewood, hwa-li, elm, zitan, etc. with an old traditional way of making but in today living can be sure that every piece is beautiful and functional.

At MING’S we believe in feeling good, happy and beauty of life. Loving of glamourous of the dynastic chinese and the modernism can be seen in our designs.

Two decades of MING’S products are the result of our loving things we experienced, but it’s not all about elaborate things. We do love simplicity and clarity of form and line.

At MING’S, we use traditional methods to sculpt our traditional furniture designs

Reach for further information to :

720/12-13 Sukhumvit Rd., Between Soi 28-30, Bangkok 10110
Tel : (662) 261-7605-7, 261-2125, 261-2776, 258-2852
Fax : (662) 258-6285